New Job Transit Planner In Ontario

Transit Planner
Transit Planner

Transit Planner

Company : Town of Oakville
Salary : $66,579–$81,191 a year
Location : Ontario

Full Description

Job Details:
Permanent full time job 1329.

Posting Status:
Accessible to both current and former employees of the town of Oakville.

Closing Date:
The deadline for submitting applications for this position is December 31, At least 11:59 pm on the following day.September 15, 2023.

NOTE: Less qualified applicants may be considered on an underfill basis as a Trainee. Candidates with less than 3 years of experience are encouraged to apply to be considered for a Trainee opportunity. A Trainee is compensated at the CUPE 1329 Pay Grade 7, Salary of $55,599 (January 2023 rate). With support and training, it is expected the Trainee would become fully qualified within 24 months. Once fully qualified, the rate of pay is adjusted to Pay Grade 9, Salary of $66,579 (Jan 2023 rate).

We offer:

  • A hybrid work schedule is being offered for the initial 6 months of the position, but it may be extended with a hybrid working arrangement.following the training period.

  • How can I access my employer's defined benefit plan?

  • Does a comprehensive health plan offer coverage for both life and disability benefits?

  • An innovative work environment that strives to provide a good balance between work and life. A chance for individuals to achieve outstanding performance.

Job Responsibilities:

Under the direction of the Manager of Planning & Administrative Services, the Transit Planner is responsible for designing and monitoring public transportation routes, predicting transit demand, providing input to development applications and projects, validating data from field investigations, demographic studies, and developing service proposals. They also provide back up support to the Superintendent. The Transit Scheduler has several other responsibilities, including planning, scheduling, reporting, administration, evaluation, management, supervision (including electronic filing, deletion, tracking, closure, reconciliation, etc.) and oversight.

  • Develops and monitors the effectiveness of novel routes and alterations to improve convenience, connectivity, and overall service quality. Additionally, the government develops and implements programs that improve the quality of life for people.

  • Involving other team members in devising routes and providing short-term support, often within a short period.

  • To assist in data reporting and forecasting, as well as improving route recommendations, the collection process is conducted through data review and analysis.

  • Working toward the creation of transit plans that span both short and long-term, he suggests fresh service ideas, evaluates other planning organizations' plans and proposals, and contributes to budget preparation. Additionally, he works toward the construction of public transportation systems that span both long and short term.

  • Responsible for data integrity, quality assurance, and confirmation in the ITS system to facilitate all scheduling and service board tasks. Additionally,

  • The review process involves reviewing development applications, including OPAs, Secondary Plans, Substance Plans and Site Plan Applications, to ensure that the development supports the appropriate land use.

  • Assures input and helps with the planning, approval and maintenance of transit stop and terminal infrastructure, as well as asset database maintenance.

  • Provides timely dissemination and public dissemination of transit changes, including website updates, social media activity, and map and schedule changes. This is often due to unplanned emergencies or detours that require immediate action. Additionally, the position oversees all internal communication activities.

  • He works in conjunction with the Transit Analyst and the Transportation Scheduler to monitor and evaluate the performance of the system, while also conducting research and analysis on a variety of subjects such as fieldwork, ITS data, and demographic studies.

  • Takes part in public information gatherings, assists in delivering public outreach efforts, and helps with consumer complaints about planning inquiries.

  • He serves as a go-between for the department with other transportation systems in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, provides guidance to other departments on transportation initiatives, and collaborates with team members on creating annual or strategic plans.

  • Takes on additional responsibilities and unique undertakings.'


  • Obtaining a degree or diploma in urban planning, geography, or transportation planning and/or engineering within three years.*

  • Experience of at least 3 years in related industry'.

  • Prior work experience in public transportation or transportation planning.

  • Excellent reading, writing and communication skills.

  • Strong social competence is required to interact effectively with the public, elected officials, other transportation systems, and external organizations, as well as to advocate for Oakville Transit.

  • Knowledge of computer technology is present in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • Exceptional mathematical proficiency in statistical computation.

  • Capacities to interpret engineering, architectural and/or survey plans.

  • Proficiency in public transportation service standards, basic scheduling principles, and the land use planning and environmental assessment process.

  • able to meet tight deadlines, exhibit excellent time management skills and strong attention to detail. Additionally, they possess the ability to manage their time efficiently.

  • Outstanding capacity in tackling issues and simultaneously providing innovative solutions for transportation routes and services.'

  • An Ontario designation in one of the areas mentioned above would be considered an asset: Professional Planning, Engineering, or related field.

  • An individual's proficiency in transit scheduling, ITS-related software, and GIS would be beneficial.

  • A valid and unrestricted Ontario Driver's Licence (Class G minimum) with responsible and safe driving behaviour must be provided, and only those who score 6 or more points are considered. The successful candidate must provide the Corporation with ten current drivers' abstracts (no more than 30 days) and pass if they attend the road test held by the town in person. No further applications are accepted.

DATED: September 4, 2023

To be considered for a job, the work profile specifies general requirements that must be met to perform the primary functions of the position. It does not include all work-related tasks; applicants must demonstrate their qualifications against these requirements during the interview and in writing.A minimum cutoff score of 75% is required for all stages of recruitment, including the testing and interview process.

We are grateful for all applicants and want to make sure that no one is contacted beyond an interview'".