New Job Tier Ii Support Technician Happy Valley-Goose Bay In Newfoundland And Labrador

Tier II Support Technician Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Tier II Support Technician Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Tier II Support Technician Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Company : Nunatsiavut Kavamanga Government
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Newfoundland and Labrador

Full Description

Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Finance, Human Resources & Information Technology

Permanent Full-Time

Closing Date:
September 11, 2023

  • Working with end user to determine and provide required PC service levels.
  • Liaise with and provide support to end user on computer operation and other issues.
  • Install, test and maintain a monitor, and troubleshoot end user workstation and notebook hardware.
networked peripheral devices, and networking hardware products.
  • Perform on-site analysis, diagnosis and resolution of complex PC problems for a variety of end users.
recommend and implement corrective hardware solutions, including off-site repair as needed.
  • Receive and respond to incoming calls, emails, and PC problems. ) Request
  • Keep an inventory of PCs and related peripheral products.
  • Accurately document instances of hardware failure, repair, or installation.
  • Conduct research on computer products in support of PC procurement and development efforts.
  • System, hardware and peripheral equipment improvements, upgrades and repair schedule.
  • The support of the development and implementation of new computer projects and new hardware installations.
  • Where necessary, liaise with third party support and PC equipment vendors.
  • And respond. To aid in the development of policy and planning within the information technology system, maintain current knowledge about plan executables. And respond.
to crises in accordance with business continuity and disaster recovery plans.
  • Design and implement strategies
  • Working with vendors on various projects :
  • Assist Tier II Support Technicians with NG Helpdesk tickets **
  • What are the issues relating to Microsoft Office 365, including Endpoint Management?
  • Responsible for maintaining the backups of hardware and software as necessary:

  • Excellent technical knowledge of network and PC hardware, including corporate workstations; ADSL modules; etc.

network switches.

  • Hands-on hardware troubleshooting experience.
  • Working technical knowledge of current network protocols, operating systems and standards including TCP/IP.

Windows 10 or higher, and Windows Server 2008?

  • able to read and understand technical manuals, procedural documentation & OEM guides.
  • Ability to conduct research into PC issues and products as required.
  • Bilingual in English and Italian:

[email protected]
Applications should be forwarded before 4:30pm on closing day.

The Nunatsiavut government is an equal opportunity employer, however, preference will be given to residents of Labrador:

Inuit Land Claims Agreement applicants are asked to clearly state their Nunatsiavut beneficiary number on their cover letter or application.

resume when applying.




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Septembera 11, 2023

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