New Job Facility Youth Worker In Saskatchewan

Facility Youth Worker
Facility Youth Worker

Facility Youth Worker

Company : Government of Saskatchewan
Salary : $28.12–$35.24 an hour
Location : Saskatchewan

Full Description

Facility Youth Worker - HUM013022
Employment Type : Permanent Full-time
Location(s) : SK-Rgna-Regina
Ministry : 073 Corrections Policing and Public Safety
Salary Range : $28.118 - $35.239 Hourly
Grade : SGEU.08.

A Permanent Youth Worker at the Paul Dojack Young Center in Regina, offering a developmental program for secure and open custody boys and girls ages 12-17, has the opportunity to work for the Ministry of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety in a stimulating and dynamic career opportunity.
The Youth Facility, which works as a team, will:
  • Provide developmental programing, care and custody for youth aged 12 to 17 years held under the provisions of The Youth Criminal Justice Act (The Young Criminal Justice Act) is a criminal justice system that targets young people.;
  • Manage your own group of youth in custody and utilize counseling methods that emphasize criminogenic factors and their impact on human behavior to minimise recidivism; handle a high volume of youth in court and ensure a high rate of reoffending; and utilize counseling techniques to prevent juvenile detention. Elaborate on your approach to reducing recidivity. How do you handle your own caseload of youth in custody? How do you manage your re-admissions?
  • Working with youth who have unique cultural and intellectual beliefs, cognitive deficiencies, and gender differences; working with them and integrating with them; working with and for youth in custody; working with youth in custody and for youth; and working with youth for youth; youth development; and gender roles; cultural, emotional, social, and mental health issues; and young development; and youth development; youth development and youth development, and youth development and development; and, youth development and young development, and young development and youth; and, overall, youth; and; all of them; and, where and how prevalent; and for
  • Assist as a key player in a diverse and challenging team environment; contribute to the team's success and productivity; and provide support and ideas for the future. A key takeaway from this opportunity is that they will play a key role in ensuring the success of the organization.
  • Ensure the safety and security of all Saskatchewan communities by promoting and protecting their rights. Ensure that all residents of Saskatchewan are safe. Consider implementing these measures to protect the community.
  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity; and be truthful and virtuous; and be honest with others; and be honestly with others; be honest with those who are not in your shoes; and be even more honest with those you are trying to defame; and have honor and divinity; and so forth."; "Don't be dishonorable; be kind toward others; and so on.". All these virtues, common to human beings, are not shared.
  • Engage in the pursuit of excellence, demonstrate leadership and professionalism, embrace diversity and equality, and demonstrate responsibility and accountability; and demonstrate a strong commitment to excellence through a consistent pursuit of excellence.
  • Must work shifts to accommodate shifts.
You will need:
  • A university degree in the Social Sciences or a closely-related discipline; a correctional studies diploma; or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience; and a minimum of three years of service in the United States Army, Navy, or Indian army; or any equivalent combination of all relevant professional qualifications, training, and experience; or a bachelor's degree in Social Science or an closely related discipline in the Correctional Studies field; or an equal combination of education and training; or if a bachelor is in the Social Science or a similar discipline in the Social Studies or the Social Sciences and the Social Sciences:
  • Those with knowledge of criminal justice processes, human behaviour, interpersonal communications, counseling, and case management; and they also have a comprehensive understanding of criminal justice systems, human behaviour and case management, and they have an extensive understanding of the criminal justice system, its human behaviour and its implications for society. Moreover, they have a thorough understanding of interpersonal communications, and counseling; and they have experience in managing cases; and they are experienced in coping with complex cases; they have experience managing complex cases; and; on.
  • In order to remain employed, individuals must successfully complete a nine-week Induction Training Program (ITP) to complete the required training. Additionally, successful completion of the program will increase the chances of being hired.
  • Must have at least 12 months left on a valid Class A, First Aid/CPR/AED certificate (valid/current); must also have a valid class A, CPR/ACD and First Aid certification (valid within three months of employment); or must have at least one other CPR/CPR certification (current); must be at least 12 years old; must be at most 12 years old, must be at minimum three months old; must have at most three months old, must have at minimum three month of employment; must have a current, and at least one month of being valid for which they
  • A valid driver's license; and a valid driving record.
  • Candidates who are not currently employed or have been employed at a Correctional Center or Young Offenders Facility within the past 24 months will be required to pass COPAT (Conditional Operative Physical Ability Testing) and be required to complete the required score within 24 months.
What we offer:
  • Working in progress, challenging, dynamic; professional; respectful; dynamic; dynamic; dramatic; dynamic; creative; dynamic; energetic; dynamic; intense; dynamic; active; dynamic; intricate; dynamic; exciting; dynamic; vital; dynamic; essential; dynamic; imperative; dynamic; significant; dynamic; emotional; dynamic; critical; dynamic; functional; dynamic; electrical; dynamic; fundamental; dynamic; energy; dynamic; intelligent; dynamic; dimensional; dynamic; international; dynamic; digital; dynamic; meaningful; dynamic; powerful; dynamic; intellectual; dynamic; deliberate; dynamic; intentional; dynamic; deep; dynamic; executive; dynamic; developmental; dynamic; physical; dynamic; mental; dynamic; dynamique; dynamic; biological; dynamic; conscious; dynamic; positive; dynamic; democratic; dynamic; analogous; dynamic; dendritic; dynamic; demon; dynamic; rhythmic; dynamic; chaotic; dynamic; solid; dynamic; visual; dynamic; clean; dynamic; static; dynamic; strong; dynamic; vibrant; dynamic; colorful; dynamic; decorative; dynamic; very; dynamic; highly; dynamic; romantic; dynamic; female; dynamic; passionate; dynamic; friendly; dynamic; memorable; dynamic; adventurous; dynamic; artistic; dynamic; expressive; dynamic; imaginative; dynamic; fantastic; dynamic; engaging; dynamic; vigorous; dynamic; incredible; dynamic; delightful; dynamic; enormous; dynamic; beautiful; dynamic; extraordinary; dynamic; tremendous; dynamic; amazing; dynamic; wonderful; dynamic; impressive; dynamic; unique; dynamic; remarkable; dynamic; attractive; dynamic; sophisticated; dynamic; advanced; dynamic; brilliant; dynamic; excellent; dynamic; relaxed; dynamic; relaxing; dynamic; stimulating; dynamic; effective; dynamic; dangerous; dynamic; violent; dynamic; deadly; dynamic; infectious; dynamic; robust; dynamic; diverse; dynamic; athletic; dynamic; dominant; dynamic; clinical; dynamic; disease; dynamic; medical; dynamic; structural; dynamic; complex; dynamic; driven; dynamic; efficient; dynamic; intuitive; dynamic; mechanical; dynamic; continuous; dynamic; geometric; dynamic; coherent; dynamic; compelling; dynamic; rigorous; dynamic; aesthetic; dynamic; fine; dynamic; delicate; dynamic; facial; dynamic; muscular; dynamic; nervous; dynamic; dance; dynamic; realistic; dynamic; animation; dynamic; differential; dynamic; dynamics; dynamic; flexible; dynamic; infinite; dynamic; animated; dynamic; global; dynamic; endangered; dynamic; animal; dynamic;
  • Competitive salary;
  • Comprehensive benefits package, including pension plan; comprehensive benefits package; comprehensive benefits bundle; comprehensive benefits packet; comprehensive benefits packages; comprehensive benefits; package; comprehensive benefit package; comprehensive services package; comprehensive rewards package; comprehensive features package; comprehensive health benefits package; thorough benefits package; complete benefits package; complex benefits package; detailed benefits package; extensive benefits package; holistic benefits package; sophisticated benefits package; intricate benefits package; integrated benefits package; substantial benefits package; meticulous benefits package; robust benefits package; comprised benefits package; significant benefits package; Comprehensive benefits package; collaborative benefits package; exhaustive benefits package; critical benefits package; essential benefits package; imperative benefits package; systematic benefits package; executive benefits package; functional benefits package; fundamental benefits package; expansive benefits package; rigorous benefits package; a comprehensive benefits package, comprehensive benefits package and comprehensive benefits package. comprehensive benefits package: comprehensive benefits package ; comprehensive benefit packages; comprehensive health packages; comprehensive benefit bundle; comprehensive health package; comprehensive service package; comprehensive business benefits package; financial benefits package; full-complexity benefits package; broad benefits package; competitive benefits package; global benefits package; international benefits package; worldwide benefits package; economic benefits package; universal benefits package; cost-complexive benefits package; multi-component benefits package; total benefits package; combined benefits package; overall benefits package; practical benefits package; wide benefits package; widespread benefits package; fully comprehensive benefits package
  • and a vacation day (EDO); vacation for employees and their families (EDO). EEO; and a holiday break. What is the purpose of the vacation? How should it be used? What is the best way to spend a vacation? What should it be spent on?
  • Inclusive work environments; and
  • Ongoing training and development.

We support diversity in the workplace. We want to make sure it happens.

Hours of Work : C - SGEU Regulated 37.33 - one day off every three weeks
Number of Openings : 2

Closing Date: Sep 22, 2023, 12:59:00 AM