New Job Comsec Operations And Administration In Ontario

COMSEC Operations and Administration
COMSEC Operations and Administration

COMSEC Operations and Administration

Company : Communications Security Establishment
Salary : $91,585–$106,240 a year
Location : Ontario

Full Description

Reference Number: RF-8482

Closing Date: 2023-08-18

About the Job

Join the COMSEC Operations and Administration team for an opportunity like no other at the heart of Canada’s national security and intelligence community. Our multi-functional teams deliver COMmunications SECurity (COMSEC) services to our Government of Canada agencies, international partners, and explicit members of the Canadian private sector. Our mission is to provide cryptographic services, support, and oversight while ing prescribed techniques and security guidelines. As a COMSEC Operator and Administrator you’ll be responsible for the production, support and logistics of cryptographic materials to support COMSEC for the Government of Canada.

Your responsibilities will include responding to client requests while operating specialized systems within our diverse service provision environments. ing specified techniques and procedures to deliver sensitive cryptographic services to users. Working in a collaborative environment to assure vital service sustainment. You will be supported with appropriate training and mentoring to become effective in your daily tasks. The job also includes various forms of managing specialised equipment and providing logistical support while incorporating appropriate accounting measures. You will perform information management and administration functions while adhering to policy and doctrine guidelines. Unlike the traditional IT service support realm, this opportunity offers employment in an exciting and specialized domain and is best suited for those eager to learn and develop new skillsets.

Become part of our team and you’ll understand why CSE is the most important organization you’ve never heard of. Learn more about CSE’s mission and our workplace culture.

Salary Range

Communication Security Establishment (CSE) is an agency that is separate from the Core Public Service of Canada. We are not subject to the Public Service Employment Act (PSEA). We have our own classification, staffing regime and compensation system. Therefore, our salary scales are different.

To find out more about our salary scale, the vacation allowances and the benefits (health, dental & pension plans, etc.) visit the Compensation page of our website.

COMSEC Operations and Administration (UNMA-06 & UNMA-07)

  • UNMA-06 level: $80, 746 - $93,951 per year
  • UNMA-07 level: $91,585 - $106,240 per year


All jobs are in Ottawa, Ontario. All positions require onsite presence.

CSE locations meet current accessibility standards and offer:

  • designated parking spaces and electric mobility scooters;
  • wide entrance, hallways, and doorways;
  • elevators;
  • inclusive washrooms;
  • a prayer/meditation room;
  • accessible and fully equipped kitchenettes;
  • sit-stand workstations, and much more.

We recognize that everyone has different functional abilities so we’ll offer solutions, within our means, to accommodate your needs as best as we can. We are committed to removing barriers, and as such, we’ll aim to equip you with the right tools and equipment to allow you to work to the best of your ability, from the moment you join us. We strive to make CSE a workplace where you can feel safe to be your authentic self, every day.

Area of Selection

Open to Canadian citizens.

CSE is committed to building an equitable, diverse and inclusive community. We strive to improve our workplace as we progress on our journey to learn from mistakes of the past and work towards reconciliation. We make efforts, every day, to eliminate barriers to inclusion and all forms of discrimination. As such we encourage you to voluntarily indicate on your application if you are part of one, or more, employment equity groups:

  • Women
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • People with disabilities (including people with a mental health condition and neurodivergent people)
  • Persons from Racial or Ethnic groups

About you

We’re looking for passionate people from a diverse range of backgrounds, who will thrive working in an open-minded environment and value the different perspectives of others. If you’re excited about what we do and working with us but are not sure you’re 100% there yet, please don’t let that stop you from ing.

Please demonstrate in your application how you meet these required qualifications:


You must have either one of the following:

  • Bachelors’ Degree or College Diploma in a related field such as Computer/Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, IT Security or an acceptable combination of education and experience relevant to the role.
  • OR an acceptable combination of education, training or relevant experience (as listed below).
  • The educational program must be recognized in Canada, and you must be able to provide proof of education credentials. Students graduating within the next twelve (12) months are eligible to .


The below required experiences can be acquired in an academic or professional setting. Recent graduates should note that school projects can be considered as relevant experience.


  • Recent* experience working with or responding to IT service requests from clients.
  • Recent* experience providing software application support or training to internal and/or external clients. Or experience supporting IT equipment and hardware.
  • Recent* experience in reviewing and/or contributing to technical documentation.


  • In addition to the UNMA-06 experience listed above;
  • Six months or more experience managing, handling, configuring, and/or operating Accountable COMSEC Material within the past 10 (ten) years.
  • For the purposes of this selection process, “Recent” is defined as experience in a professional or academic setting having been acquired within the last five (5) years. School projects can be considered as relevant experience.

Language Requirements

Various language requirements (English Essential or Bilingual BBB/BBB)


Competencies is our term for skills and/or knowledge. We will assess the following competencies throughout the hiring process (test, interview, etc.):

Technical Competencies

  • Knowledge of IT: Possesses a generalist’s knowledge of all areas in IT, including but not limited to: Software Application Development, Database Management, IT Security, IT Architecture, System Administration.
  • IT User Support / Help Desk: Applies his/her in-depth technical knowledge of a specific application, system or business process to support users who have questions or who are experiencing difficulties, errors or system failures and to keep the IT environment functioning efficiently, effectively and securely.
  • IT Service Management Processes: Knowledge and ability to implement the methods, practices and policies governing the design, development and use if the IT support processes designed to keep the IT environment functioning efficiently, effectively and securely.

Behavioral Competencies

  • Cognitive Thinking Skills:

Responding to challenges with innovative solutions, products, or services by questioning conventional means, using intuition, experimentation, and fresh perspectives; understanding, analyzing, synthesizing, and relating complex information and abstract variables.

  • Interactive Communication:

Communicating in a compelling, honest, persuasive, effective, and articulate manner, thinking about who you need to communicate with, ensuring the message is clear, understood, and consistent with CSE objectives.

  • Working in a Team:

Demonstrating effective interpersonal skills and working cooperatively and effectively within and across organizational units to achieve common goals.

Leadership Competencies

  • Achieving Results:

Deliver on commitments through actions that reflect personal accountability, sound judgement, decisiveness, and business acumen.

  • Integrity, Respect & Awareness:

Create and promote a culture of integrity, transparency, fairness, and respect.

Recognize one’s own areas of personal and professional strength as well as areas for development and is committed to continuous learning to enhance self-awareness.

Continuous learning to enhance self-awareness.

Application Process

Who Can

You must be a Canadian citizen, be eligible for a top secret security clearance and be willing to comply with CSE’s own security policies and standards.

Security Requirements

You must have no criminal record. The screening process involves a

  • Security interview
  • Polygraph test
  • Psychological assessment
  • Background investigation covering a minimum of your last 10 years history, including credit and financial verifications.

How to

You may submit your candidacy online by selecting “” at the top or bottom of this page.

If you cannot online or have a disability preventing you from ing online, please inform us by contacting [email protected] prior to the closing date of this selection process. CSE offers an assessment process that will accommodate any reasonable measures required to enable you to be assessed in a fair and equitable manner. Those measures are available to all candidates for further assessment. Related information received will be addressed confidentially. If you may need such accommodation, please advise us.

What to Expect

  • The process will be conducted in the official language of your choice.
  • If you successfully pass the application review, you will be required to complete a test. It will be used as a screening tool. Make sure to check your spam/junk mailbox regularly for notification of the test.
  • If you are successful on the test, you will be invited to an interview.
  • If you are successful at the interview, we will request two references (supervisor/manager).
  • You will also be required to complete the security assessment.

More information regarding the hiring and security processes can be found on CSE’s website.

The entire selection process – tests, interviews, security investigation – may take more than one year to complete. If you are deemed to be unsuccessful in the assessment process for this particular selection process, you may re in twelve (12) months.

Training and Development

At CSE, we are proud to offer an inclusive and supportive working environment that encourages open minds and attitudes. As an organization that values and nurtures talent, we’re committed to helping you fulfill your potential. With comprehensive training and development opportunities, tailored to your needs and the requirements of your work, we’ll enable you to flourish in your role and perform to the best of your abilities.


Determinate and indeterminate appointments will be used to staff positions of permanent or temporary tenures within CSE. All appointments have a one (1) year probation period.

Operational Requirements

Overtime and standby duty may be required.

CSE Employment

CSE is a separate organization and is not subject to the Public Service Employment Act (PSEA). We have our own values-based staffing regime and as such, have the flexibility to determine qualifications for positions and how these qualifications will be assessed in a selection process. In other words, CSE has its own classification and compensation systems, and a different staffing regime. As such, we use a different staffing process and terminology.

We thank all applicants for their interest in CSE. However, only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.