New Job Hydrologist In Northwest Territories



Company : Government of the Northwest Territories
Salary : $104,000–$125,000 a year
Location : Northwest Territories

Full Description

Department Information

The mandate of the Department of Environment and Climate Change is to manage land, water, air, wildlife, and forests. This includes promoting, planning, and supporting the wise and sustainable use of natural resources, and protecting, restoring, and stewarding the environment for the social and economic benefit of all Northwest Territories residents.

Job Information

Working as the Hydrologist, you are located in Yellowknife and report to the Senior Hydrologist, Management and Monitoring Division, as well as work closely with the Hydrological Modeller, Hydrogeologist and Climate Change Unit. Coordinating with external stakeholders, such as Indigenous and Federal Governments, will also be part of your regular contacts. You are responsible for planning, assessing, and implementing water quantity and hydrological programs in the NWT for water research and monitoring for the Department of Environment and Climate Change (ECC). From data collection to rearch to report writing, you are knowledgeable about hydrological science and methodologies.

The Water Management and Monitoring Division bears the primary roles and responsibilities related to water research and monitoring, providing advice to co-management partners, water quality and quantity data analysis and interpretation, and water stewardship and planning. The Division, in cooperation with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and other federal and territorial departments, is responsible for collecting and interpreting information about water quantity and quality in the NWT.

You are responsible for key hydrological interpretation and assessment by leading the implementation of research and monitoring programs across the NWT to facilitate a better understanding of the regional hydrology in the Mackenzie River but also its tributaries. This includes understanding extreme conditions such a low and high-water including flooding within the basin and potential linkages to a changing climate.

As the Hydrologst, you will work within a legislative and regulatory framework that includes the: Waters Act, NWT Water Stewardship Strategy and Action Plan, 2030 NWT Climate Change Strategic Framework and Action Plan, as well as other GNWT and departmental policies and programs, including transboundary water management agreements with neighbouring jurisdictions.

You play a vital role in understanding the availability and health of water for the Northwest Territories!

Typically, the skills required for this role are obtained through:

  • The completion of a graduate degree in hydrology, environmental science, or engineering; and
  • At least two years of experience in the hydrological sciences and relevant experience in either the public or private sectors.

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