New Job Operational Lead In Ontario

Operational Lead
Operational Lead

Operational Lead

Company : Public Health Ontario
Salary : $39.81–$49.34 an hour
Location : Ontario

Full Description


Operational Lead

The Role:

The Operational Lead will coordinate and supervise clinical laboratory diagnostic, outbreak, surveillance, consultative and support services in the Clinical and Environmental Bacteriology Department, Parasitology section at the Public Health Ontario Laboratory in Toronto.

The Operational Lead will initiate and participate in the development, validation, continuous improvement and troubleshooting of laboratory methods and processes, in alignment with the PHO Laboratory Quality Management System.

Key Responsibilities-

  • Coordinates and supervises clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the Parasitology section, provides technical consultation and advice to staff, physicians, other health care providers, and private laboratories on the application of methodologies and the interpretation of laboratory analyses and results.
  • Provide timely, cost-effective and quality testing for the identification of infectious disease pathogens to support patient diagnosis and treatment.
  • Provides technical supervision to laboratory staff including establishing work schedules, assigning and monitoring work of staff, dealing with work quality problems or emerging issues, and providing technical guidance and training. Coordinates and oversees regular competency assessment for all technical staff. Provides assistance to manager by providing input for performance reviews and recruitment and selection, referring disciplinary and labour relations issues to manager.
  • Works in conjunction with Medical or Clinical Microbiologists, Scientists, Molecular Specialists, research technicians and/or other clinical laboratory managers or staff to initiate and/or conduct projects to develop or improve testing methods or processes in order to enhance the accuracy, speed or economy of tests.
  • Support of the Public Health Units in the investigation and management of infectious disease outbreaks.
  • Supervises the implementation of validated and approved new/modified tests, policies and processes, and ensures documented training of all laboratory staff.
  • Prepares or assists in preparation, monitoring and maintenance of all quality documents within the Quality Management System and provides input on quality control policies when circulated for feedback and identifies implementation issues when necessary.
  • Prepares or assists in preparation of scientific publications, validation summaries or presentations based on research performed.
  • Provides recommendations and support in laboratory operation resources management including capital and materials procurement, recommending laboratory budget requirements and completing variance analysis and ensures the maintenance, security and efficient utilization of all laboratory technical and office equipment and recommends the purchase of replacement or new equipment.
  • Recommends laboratory budget requirements to manager and assists manager in administering the budget. Manages established contracts to ensure spending within contract parameters and provides feedback to managers as required.
  • Prepares documentation and business cases for requests for bids (RFB) for reagents and equipment supply contracts. Plan and executes technical evaluations for products submitted by proponents, analyze results and prepare recommendations for award of contracts.
  • Provides laboratory training to medical residents, specialist-in-training, medical laboratory students, research technicians and other visiting individuals as required. Provides demonstrations, seminars/workshops for PHO Laboratory staff, or visiting professionals as requested and acts as a technical resource to branch laboratory staff in area of expertise and the use/interpretation of related tests.
  • Ensures workplace safety and adherence to proper Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) procedures for handling biologically hazardous materials, coordinates all relevant safety-related requirements including respirator fit testing, Containment Level 3 (CL3) laboratory orientation and training.
  • Ensures compliance with Accreditation Canada (AC) Diagnostics requirements for laboratory accreditation including collation and submission of relevant required documentation for internal and external audits and coordinating follow up on deficiencies.
  • Conducts investigations into the causes of quality control failures at the test level, conducts analysis of the problem and initiates corrective action reports and measures in consultation with management and medical staff. Follows up on effectiveness of corrective actions with laboratory team.
  • Ensures all proficiency testing is completed, documented and approved, reviews proficiency performance and identify issues or improvements based on results.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Skills-

  • Extensive technical experience and knowledge of relevant clinical laboratory diagnostic methods and operational processes related to Parasitology testing including relevant instrumentation, troubleshooting, new assay validation and implementation processes.
  • Ability to solve complex technical problems with test methods, identify sources of error to ensure minimal interruptions in established turnaround times.
  • Administrative and organizational skills with experience managing multiple resources within a budget.
  • Knowledge of purchasing/procurement practices, guidelines, policies.
  • Analytical and evaluative skills in order to set up product evaluations and analyze results.
  • Knowledge of general computer software (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and laboratory information systems.
  • Knowledge of Quality Management System principles.
  • Knowledge of Health and Safety protocols, practices and standards.
  • Knowledge of the PHO Laboratory Code of Conduct, Workplace Violence Prevention Policy, and Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Policy.

Education and Experience-

  • Mandatory: Diploma or degree in Medical Laboratory Technology/Science or a related discipline.
  • Mandatory: Practicing and active registration with the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO) (active without conditions and in good standing) is required to co-ordinate clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the Public Health Ontario Laboratory.
  • Mandatory: A minimum of 5 years' current laboratory experience specific to the area of Parasitology.

Attributes and Competencies-

  • Interpersonal skills to provide technical consultation and advice to staff, physicians, other health care providers, and private laboratories on the application of methodologies and the interpretation of laboratory analyses.
  • Oral communication skills to lead team meetings, conduct training and demonstrations, or perform presentations for clinical laboratory staff or other PHO/PHO Laboratory or visiting external professionals.
  • Written communication skills to prepare corrective action reports, method or equipment evaluation/validation summaries, contribution to scientific publications based on research performed, procurement documents (RFI, RFB) or quality management documents including Standard Operating Procedures and job aids.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $39.81-$49.34 per hour

Work Location: In person