New Job Cash Receipts Analyst (Hybrid) In Ontario

Cash Receipts Analyst (Hybrid)
Cash Receipts Analyst (Hybrid)

Cash Receipts Analyst (Hybrid)

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Location : Ontario

Full Description

Verify and release of daily electronic transmission files to update employer accounts in system. Balance payment deposits to employer account updates and recording other deposits. Monitor, analyze and reconcile payments received from employers through the Acceptance of Payment on Account (APA) process. Deposit all miscellaneous cheques and prepare journal entries to record these deposits. Trace, Investigate, analyze and respond to all cash receipts payment inquiries.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

1. Verify and release daily electronic transmissions from various sources to update employer accounts (ACES-CW Billing) system by:

  • Verifying the source document reports with the data extract from Lockbox and e-payment files to ensure correct version of the file and the data accuracy. Follow up with service provider to resolve any discrepancies;
  • Releasing the transmission files to update employer accounts.
  • After employer account updates follow up on rejections and balance with source input documents.
  • Verifying and uploading cheque image file for future reference.
  • Investigating and correct misapplied payments and other errors identified by internal/external clients.
  • Requesting fund transfer between bank accounts where necessary to maintain funds by the appropriate program, such as Schedule 1, Schedule 2 and Pension Plans.
  • Updating all input, output balancing reports and investigate any discrepancies.

2. Balance payment deposits to employer accounts by:

  • Categorizing bank deposits by payment source and balancing deposits applied to ACES-BC, Claim Overpayment and miscellaneous receipts with the input documents and various other records.
  • Following up any missing deposits or deposit errors.
  • Ensuring all deposits are recorded to employer accounts or other systems.

3. Monitor, analyze and reconcile the Acceptance of Payment on Account (Over the Counter payment at banks-APA) program and payments by:

  • Recording the daily APA bank deposits on APA summary control Excel spreadsheet by deposit date;
  • Recording the APA payments processed to employer accounts by service provider to the appropriate deposit date on the control spreadsheet;
  • Monitoring outstanding deposits and following up with WSIB bank/Other Financial institutions to obtain the supporting document to process it to employer accounts;
  • Analyzing and providing month end outstanding deposits information that are still not processed to employer accounts to support bank reconciliations;

4. Deposit all miscellaneous non-employer payment (such as Claim Overpayment, Employee Reimbursements, Pension Plans) and prepare journal entries to record these deposits by:

  • Processing miscellaneous cheques through the bank cheque reader and imager equipment to submit on-line deposit;
  • Balancing cheques to batch totals, to deposits and save image files;
  • Extracting and balancing Debit/Credit card payments related to Claim Overpayment /Miscellaneous;
  • Determining G/L account and responsibility codes to apply miscellaneous cheques or contact internal clients to obtain transaction information;
  • Preparing G/L entries in PS-G/L system with supporting documentation to record cash receipts transactions that have not processed to employer accounts or other system;

5. Trace, Investigate, Analyze and respond to all cash receipts payment inquiries by;

  • Determining the best method for tracing payment;
  • Obtaining required information from various sources;
  • Investigating and analyzing transaction flow from deposits to employer accounts;
  • Resolving and taking corrective action;
  • Communicating the course of action to Internal/External client and providing supporting documentation;

6. Other duties as assigned or required, such as;

  • Preparing monthly entry to record receipts at bank that are not processed to employer account;
  • Handling incoming/outgoing mail/courier;
  • Identifying and escalating issues for resolution;
  • Ensuring security and confidentially of cheques;
  • Following up on any un-identified cheques
  • Providing supporting documents to External Auditors/Internal controls on request

Job Requirements


  • University completion at undergraduate level with a specialty focus in accounting/finance or business administration.


  • Total of two years experience. One year prior experience in accounting/treasury. One year experience on the job to reach full working level.

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