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Urban Planner
Urban Planner

Urban Planner

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Location : New Brunswick

Full Description

The City of Dieppe is looking to fill an urban planner position with varying levels of experience. The salary will be based on the incumbents experience and skill level.


Reporting to the Director, the incumbent is mainly responsible for processing, analyzing and assessing land use planning applications. He or she manages requests for amendments to planning regulations, as well as files relating to subdivisions, variances and conditional uses; provides expert advice on planning and development-related matters; prepares studies and reports related to land use planning; and acts as a liaison between developers, agencies, partners and city and government departments.



  • Participate in the creation of a strategic development and land use plan that complies with all municipal, regional, provincial and federal legislation and regulations
  • Review, revise, analyze and assess new development and land use initiatives and concepts: development projects (subdivisions), zoning and planning-related bylaws
  • Research files and regulations needed to prepare zoning, subdivision, construction and urban planning projects, make recommendations, and solve problems
  • Analyze the fiscal impacts of planning and development projects
  • Design and recommend planning measures dealing with land revitalization, urban beautification, socio-economic access to housing, diversification, urban forestry, and the enhancement of natural spaces
  • Process applications for zoning variances and amendments, draft and amend bylaws related to his/her area of activity, and prepare reports for presentation to City Council and the Planning Advisory Committee
  • Conduct public consultations and engage the community with respect to Municipal Development Plan-related projects and initiatives
  • Work with other City departments, external consultants, developers, residents and government authorities on various planning and development projects, and resolve any conflicts that arise
  • Assist clients with the preparation of terms of reference, tender documents and the interpretation of provincial and municipal legislation
  • Respond to inquiries and requests from residents, developers and others
  • Create, review and maintain various relevant statistical databases
  • Act as a resource person for urban planning files involving legal proceedings
  • Attend meetings of, and work closely with, the Planning Advisory Committee
  • Help develop the annual budget pertaining to his/her field of activity
  • Replace the department director as needed
  • Carry out various other tasks related to his/her functions

The following duties are associated with a Senior Planner position:

  • Project and staff management
  • Ensure consistent and efficient delivery of urban and strategic planning services
  • Support leadership and staff-management initiatives
  • Mentor and coach team members
  • Direct and supervise the work of junior and intermediate planners and participate in performance reviews
  • Advise junior and intermediate planners in the interpretation of regulations
  • Manage projects that support the implementation of the Municipal Development Plan, with a view to achieving the municipality's objectives
  • Develop external strategic partnerships and mobilize support to ensure the implementation of the Municipal Development Plan
  • Oversee and coordinate work groups and consulting contracts related to urban planning projects
  • Educate and inform City staff and Council members, on an annual basis, about emerging development trends and the progress of related projects and initiatives
  • Advise various stakeholders on issues related to new urban planning initiatives



  • Undergraduate degree in urban planning (or equivalent education and experience)
  • Accreditation
  • Membership or eligibility for membership, in the Canadian Institute of Planners (M.C.I.P.)
  • Driver's licence
  • A valid driver's license (class 5)


  • Junior planner: One (1) to three (3) years of experience as a planner and a record of concrete achievements in urban planning
  • Intermediate planner: Three (3) to seven (7) years of experience as a planner and a record of concrete achievements in urban planning
  • Senior planner: Seven plus (>7) years of experience as a planner and three (3) years of project and personnel management experience


  • Extensive knowledge of the Community Planning Act and municipal bylaws and regulations
  • Excellent command of spoken and written French and English
  • Sound knowledge of project management principles and techniques, research methods and statistical analysis
  • In-depth knowledge of the Windows environment and Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • In-depth knowledge of the local context, opportunities and land-related developments at various levels (political, social and cultural)
  • Extensive knowledge of trends and developments in federal and provincial regulatory frameworks related to climate change


  • Ability to recommend project and project-tracking methodologies
  • Ability to problem-solve as projects and initiatives unfold
  • Ability to develop and manage an action plan (calendar): identification of priorities, means, evaluation of objectives
  • Ability to describe the various aspects of an urban development project (objectives and implementation strategy) in a logical, organized and understandable way
  • Ability to formulate approaches and projects and translate them into directions, general objectives and courses of action
  • Ability to bring parties together, leverage the public engagement process (identification of interests, engagement strategies and practices, leadership), consult using various techniques (surveys, questionnaires, public meetings), address a range of audiences, and explain technical data in straightforward terms
  • Ability to utilize analyses and databases to identify trends and changes in land, space, and site development
  • Ability to provide effective and quality customer service while working collaboratively with others
  • Demonstrated autonomy and initiative in carrying out assigned projects
  • Ability to prepare federal and provincial grant applications


Thirty-five (35) hours a week


Based on the current salary scale

N.B.: The duties listed above reflect the broad characteristics of the job and should not be considered an exhaustive list of all duties to be performed.