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New Job Remote Sensing Analyst In Northwest Territories

Remote Sensing Analyst
Remote Sensing Analyst

Remote Sensing Analyst

Company : Government of the Northwest Territories
Salary : $104,000–$125,000 a year
Location : Northwest Territories

Full Description

Department Information

The Department of Finance has the mandate to provide leadership and direction to the public service in all areas of finance and human resource management. This mandate includes negotiating major financial arrangements with the federal government, providing analysis and advice to the Financial Management Board, and ensuring that financial and information resources are managed effectively, efficiently and economically. This mandate also includes the recruitment and retention of a competent public service that is representative of the people it serves and the development of programs and services that effectively serve the human resource needs of the public service.

Job Information

The position is located in Inuvik and is part of the Western Arctic Centre for Geomatics (W ACG), a regional office of the NWT Centre for Geomatics (NWTCG) division, within the Office of the Chief Information Officer branch in the Department of Finance. The Remote Sensing Analyst reports to the Manager, Remote Sensing & Western Arctic Centre for Geomatics. The NWTCG is the GNWT Centre of Excellence for geomatic services, Earth Observation (EO), geographic databases and applications, remote sensing and geographic information systems.

The NWTCG provides services, leadership and expertise to all departments of the GNWT, as well as government associated boards and agencies, on matters related to mapping; spatial data creation, maintenance, storage and standards; remotely piloted aircraft systems; remote sensing and data acquisition; geospatial software and hardware management; and online geospatial tools and services. The Centre promotes the use of geospatial data and tools for decision making through education and outreach, and collaborates with a variety of internal and external partners to maximize the benefits of investments made in the GNWT's geospatial resources.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Advanced knowledge ofremote sensing and geomatics principles;
  • Expert knowledge of remote sensing systems, sensors, processes, and analysis.
  • Advanced knowledge of digital image analysis using software including but not limited to PCI Geomatics, Esri Suite, ENVI, Pix4D, Terrago, Google Earth Engine;
  • Expert ability with automation of remote sensing analysis using modelling techniques and scripting;
  • Knowledge of the scientific principles and techniques behind geomatics and remote sensing research and monitoring, including field-based data acquisition and analysis;
  • Knowledge of and experience in field work preparation and conducting efficient and safe field programs within prescribed budgets and timelines;
  • Ability to organize and undertake fieldwork in order to validate outputs from earth observation imagery;
  • Ability to work efficiently and independently to meet deadlines and set priorities for completing remote sensing projects for clients;
  • Ability to develop and build relationships and partnerships with clients and stakeholders.
  • Strong ability to communicate effectively with clients to recommend appropriate products and services that meet their needs in a timely manner;
  • Strong oral communication skills, including good listening skills to communicate technical concepts to train and support staff members and clients using remote sensing technology and outputs;
  • Strong ability to solve complex application problems in digital image analysis and to develop new products and techniques to help the Centre meet clients' needs and keep abreast with changing methods in a rapidly developing field;
  • Knowledge of the principles and procedures of projections and earth coordinate systems;
  • Knowledge geomatics metadata standards;
  • Experience with GIS analysis and data manipulation;
  • Adapt quickly to changing tools and technologies;
  • Good time management and organizational skills;
  • Ability to work well under pressure in a stressful environment;
  • Ability to work in an inter-cultural environment;
  • Ability to work effectively and well in a team environment.

Typically, the above qualifications would be attained by:

A graduate degree in Remote Sensing, or Geomatics and 2 years of recent and related experience in the area of image analysis.
A university degree in related sciences, planning or computer science with a post-graduate diploma in Geomatics, Remote Sensing, or Geographic Information Systems with a minimum of 4 years of recent and related experience in the area of image analysis.

  • Recent is described as within the last five years.

GNWT Inquiries

Inquiries Only:

Inuvik HR Client Service Centre
Department of Finance
Government of the Northwest Territories
BOX 1869
Tel (867) 678-8071 Ext 15644
Fax (867) 678-6620
[email protected]

Note: If you do not receive electronic notification confirming receipt of your application, please follow up via telephone.