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New Job Project Manager 1 In British Columbia

Project Manager 1
Project Manager 1

Project Manager 1

Company : University of British Columbia
Salary : $7,933–$12,396 a month
Location : British Columbia

Full Description

Staff - Non Union
Job Category
Job Profile
AAPS Salaried - Facilities Management, Level F
Job Title
Project Manager 1
Project Management 3 | Project Services | VP Finance and Operations
Compensation Range
$7,933.42 - $12,395.83 CAD Monthly
Posting End Date
September 27, 2022
Note: Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM on the day prior to the Posting End Date above.
Job End Date
Job Description Summary

The Project Manager I develops budgets, manages and leads clients, staff, consultants, and contractors, monitors all work, and manages funds and schedules required for the development and use of the University s facilities. This position manages construction projects that are small to medium in size and complexity. The incumbent translates the user s functional requirements into buildings, spaces, or infrastructure utilities that meet campus needs and comply with faculty requirements, campus masterplans, policies, guidelines, and provincial space standards and regulations.

Organizational Status

Reports to the Senior Project Manager or Associate Director. The Project Manager I liaises with campus departments and users, and is responsible for ongoing interaction with and reporting to internal organizations such as faculty and administration committees, UBC Legal, and UBC Central Finance, and external organizations such government funding partners (e.g. the Ministry of Advanced Education, Western Economic Diversification, Natural Resources Canada, and Knowledge Infrastructure Program) and private industry partners (e.g.. Nexterra, CISCO).

The nature of project management requires that numerous resource people, including staff, consultants, and contractors report to the Project Manager I. As construction projects vary in time and complexity, the number of such people will vary. The Project Manager I may consult and coordinate less than 10 people on a small project while medium sized project can have 20 or more such people reporting directly and indirectly to them. The Project Manager I may manage up to 20 active projects at various stages of feasibility study, design and/or construction, ranging in value from $50,000 to $10 Million (total project budget).

Work Performed

The Project Manager I is responsible for the on-going management of small to medium sized capital projects from inception to completion of the planning, design, construction and commissioning phases, and the pre-planning phase as required. The incumbent undertakes the following:
1. Establishes and documents client s detailed scope of work, investigates particularities of the proposed site (e.g. asbestos, environmental sensitivity, etc.) and other issues that may impact project cost, quality and timing.
2. Provides guidance and recommendations to clients, consisting of all levels within the academic and administrative communities, on best practices for design and construction to ensure delivery of a quality and safe product.
3. Identifies, analyzes, and manages risks and opportunities unique to each project, and recommends improvements to the design and/or construction of the project to ensure project objectives are met in the most efficient, timely and economical way possible.
4. Manages expectations and interests of the different stakeholders to ensure they understand the scope of the project and the intended use of the space.
5. Prepares, manages, monitors and regularly reports on project budget, schedule, quality, and cash flow projections to client representatives and government bodies.
6. Initiates, organizes, and directs all efforts of the project team, consisting of, where necessary, the functional space programmer, architects, engineers, specialty consultants, contractors and sub-contractors, trades and trade contractors, suppliers, faculty and administration representatives, central administration and finance, UBC Legal, Payment and Procurement Services, UBC IT and AV representatives, UBC Building Operations, UBC Energy and Water, UBC Sustainability Office, Campus Parking and Security, Campus and Community Planning, UBC Regulatory Services, Provincial authorities and regulatory bodies, and utility providers (such as BC Hydro and Fortis).
7. Negotiates, bargains, compromises, and conciliates agreements, contracts and positions, which are in the best interest of the University.
8. Negotiates and manages all consultant, contractor and supply contracts in relation to University procurement policies and procedures.
9. Manages and administers the planning, design, pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases of projects.
10. Manages the selection and retention of the project team, including but not limited to architects, engineers, specialty consultants, construction managers, trade contractors, regulatory and legal advisors, UBC service providers, UBC faculty and research support, and private industry partners.
11. Assigns and manages the project team to:
  • Develop, review and approve design and construction documents based on the project scope, risks, opportunities, schedule and budget, as well as UBC regulations and guidelines.
  • Develop innovative guidelines and/or changes to existing regulations and guidelines as required by the project.
  • Ensure that all necessary permits and approvals from Regulatory Services, fire, health, safety & environment, and other authorities having jurisdiction, as and when required, are obtained.
  • Ensure all bonding, insurance certificates, proofs of WCB coverage and hazard assessments are obtained.
  • Ensure that all construction work is completed in compliance with all UBC agreement and guidelines, applicable regulatory requirements, project contracts and purchase agreements, project funding requirements and cash flows, and agreed-to budget and schedule.
12. Manages the transition of responsibility from the project delivery team to the UBC Building Operations as operators and maintainers of the completed work.
13. Negotiates and resolves any outstanding claims and issues with contractors and/or consultants.
14. Facilitates resolution of conflicts in regulations and approval processes to ensure projects meet expectations of regulatory and permit authorities.
15. Participates on and recommends changes to the Technical Guidelines Committee and administers the guidelines adopted to ensure that planning, development and building legislation and regulations are used by designers and contractors engaged by the University.
16. Applies knowledge of building code, regulations, and construction practices to ensure quality and safety of buildings.
17. Responsible for keeping up-to-date on changing building technologies and technical requirements and best practices. This is accomplished through affiliation with various professional associations, use of professional journals, attendance at professional seminars and conferences, and continual communication with professional programmers, architects, engineers and contractors involved in University and other capital projects.
18. Performs other related duties as required.

Consequence of Error/Judgement

At any given time, Project Services may be involved in 80 to 110 capital projects with a total value exceeding $300 Million. Of this total, a Project Manager I may be responsible for up to $10 Million in total project value at any given time. Errors in judgment during the planning, design, and construction of projects can have serious financial impact not only on the department that the work is being completed for, but for the University as a whole. Errors in the planning, design and/or construction process can result in delayed occupancy and result in faculty being unable to teach or carry out research as required. Other potential consequences include the University being unable to fulfill the academic and research goals and objectives outlined in the master plan.

Construction projects can be extremely complex and fraught with risk and uncertainty which can potentially have damaging consequences. Errors in execution of the project may impact the lifecycle of the facility or utility, the ability for the space to be used as intended, the ability of neighbouring building occupants to successfully carry out their business activities (including research) and potentially expose faculty and/or staff to hazards and an unsafe building condition.
External funding partners provide funds for specific components of a project and have specific reporting requirements. Errors in understanding and communicating these requirements may result in loss of funding to the University. Other potential consequences include damage to the reputation of the university, loss of business, and significant potential for legal liabilities.

Supervision Received

Subject to general direction from the Senior Project Manager or Associate Director, the Project Manager I is responsible within departmental and University guidelines to determine what actions must be taken to achieve the ultimate goal of meeting user and University requirements on schedule and on budget.

Supervision Given

The Project Manager I is responsible for managing all resource people involved in a capital project. A typical breakdown of these resource people is as follows:
- Prime Consultant - including his/her staff
  • Sub-Consultants
  • Construction Managers
  • General Contractor
  • Trade Contractors
  • Suppliers
- UBC Internal Resources - people from Building Operations, Payment and Procurement Services, Campus Parking and Security, IT Services, etc.

Minimum Qualifications

Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Eligibility for membership in a professional Institute or Association. Minimum of seven years of related experience including experience in related technical fields, project coordination and cost control, or the equivalent combination of education and experience.

Preferred Qualifications

Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Eligibility for membership in a professional Institute or Association.Certification as an Applied Science Technologist, Engineer, or Architect.Minimum of 7 years of related experience including experience in related technical fields, project coordination and cost control or the equivalent combination of education and experience.Specialized training and accreditation in project and/or construction management, estimating and scheduling. Training in financial systems and computer applications an asset. Good knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel and Project. Experience in construction in projects of varying size and complexity including: estimating, scheduling, co-ordination, cost control and reporting, design review and take-offs. Experience in computerized financial accounting and scheduling systems and customer service mechanisms. Broad understanding of construction and trades work. Specialized knowledge of building systems operations and maintenance requirements. Good knowledge of the BC Building Code, WCB Regulations, CPM scheduling, and customer relations techniques. High degree of skill in planning, organizing, and managing in a team environment. Strong financial skills for estimating, budgeting and control. Effective oral and written communication, interpersonal and leadership skills. Ability to foresee, prevent and resolve conflicts and other project-related problems. Must posses a valid BC Class 5 Drivers License.