New Job Senior Negotiator In Northwest Territories

Senior Negotiator
Senior Negotiator

Senior Negotiator

Company : Government of the Northwest Territories
Salary : $114,000–$137,000 a year
Location : Northwest Territories

Full Description

Department Information

The Department of Executive and Indigenous Affairs works to provide overall management and direction to the Executive branch of the Government of the Northwest Territories. The Department is responsible for: coordinating and supporting the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of initiatives and actions in support of cross-government goals The Department is responsible for ensuring mutually respectful intergovernmental relations between the territorial government and Aboriginal, provincial, territorial and national and international governments are maintained; along with negotiating and implementing land, resources And self-government agreements that address Aboriginal rights in the Northwest Territories.

Job Information

As part of the GNWT negotiation team, the Senior Negotiator may lead aspects of large complex negotiations, while working with and under the direction of a Chief Negotiator, or in some instances may lead negotiations on behalf of the GNWT with a limited or narrow scope, while providing direction and overseeing the work of an Assistant Negotiator.

The Senior Negotiator role may include responsibilities related to managing the participation and conduct of the GNWT negotiating team at negotiations. The GNWT negotiation team typically includes a combination of a Chief Negotiator, Senior Negotiator, Assistant Negotiator and legal counsel as well as working closely with the Indigenous Affairs and Implementation divisions. The role of the Senior Negotiator also involves building and maintaining working relationship with representatives from all GNWT departments as well as representatives from Indigenous Governments and the Government of Canada.

The role of Senior Negotiator requires knowledge of land, resources and self-government agreements, their intent, purpose, and implications, as well as up to date knowledge of Aboriginal rights at both the national and territorial scale. This knowledge, combined with the ability to resolve conflict both with Interest-based (collaborative) and positional negotiating environments, including skills and knowledge of negotiation tactics and strategies, is critical.

Given that negotiation meetings are held at different locations across the NWT and Canada, the incumbent will be required to travel to attend meetings, as part of the negotiation team.

Typically, the above qualifications would be attained by completion of a Bachelor degree, along with formal training in negotiations skills and conflict resolution and 2 years of directly related experience in negotiations. Equivalencies will be considered.

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