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New Job General Manager In Northwest Territories

General Manager
General Manager

General Manager

Company : Tu’ Cho’ Fishers Corporative Limited
Salary : $70,000–$120,000 a year
Location : Northwest Territories

Full Description

The General Manager will be responsible for the prudent management business affairs of the Tu Cho Co-operative Ltd. Reporting directly to the Chairpersons of the Tu Cho Co-operative Ltd. Board of Directors, the General Manager would be responsible for overall all operations and reporting for the Tu’Cho Fishers Cooperative.

The General Manager is accountable for the seasonal hiring of employees to ensure the Hay River Fish Plant is operating at full capacity during peak season. The incumbent will also ensure preventive maintenance of the Fish Plant is completed during the off-season to avoid any avoidable downtime during peak season.

Working closely with the Board of Directors, the General Manager will be responsible for establishing and evaluating policies, directives, administrative procedures, and implementing goals of the Corporation.

During peak season, the General Manager will be expected to work irregular hours to meet the demands of the Hay River Fish plant, however, will be compensated accordingly.

  • Developing and evaluating policies, directives, and administrative procedures
  • Viability of the Co-op
  • Develop annual budget and operational plans and organizational targets
  • Direct and coordinate the organization's financial and budget activities to fund operations, maximize investments, and increase efficiency
  • In concert with the Board Chairman, provide ongoing communication with the public and the media
  • Directing the staff of the Co-op, establishing individual performance targets, and providing for regular appraisals of progress
  • Determining staffing requirements, and interviewing, hiring, and training middle management, new employees, organization officials, and staff members as necessary
  • Communicating with customers, brokers and regularly evaluating product quality and service
  • Prepare an Annual Sales Plan
  • Map out supplier networks for institutions, resource management companies, and retailers to establish a list of contacts to generate sales
  • Communicate with existing customers, potential customers for GSL fish to establish present and future needs
  • Work with other private processors in building a consensus pricing framework for selling fish in the NWT
  • Establish standards and procedures for handling customer fulfillment/billing orders
  • Develop collateral materials to accelerate Brand awareness of GSL fish products
  • Collaborate with the Production Manager on the delivery schedule
  • Annual capital and O&M budget
  • Monthly production, sale, and profit/lost reporting
  • Create a pricing formula that incorporates a rebate payment system from retained earnings for fishers; and
  • Annual Reporting to Board and Government.

  • In-depth knowledge of the seafood industry, marketing and production principles, techniques, and practices.
  • Minimum 3 years in a seafood processing management environment with at least three years of increasingly responsible management experience.
  • High aptitude for problem-solving and troubleshooting.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Above-average computer experience in a Windows environment. (MSOffice and other software).
  • Practical work experience in management, cost and budget control, and quality and product consistency.
  • Must have interpersonal skills necessary to foster cooperation and to effectively communicate with others.
  • Must be available to employees to advise and counsel when appropriate.
  • Solid understanding of employment law, Workers Safety Compensation Commission (WSCC), Earned Income Credit (EIC) compliance, Employment Insurance (EI), and other governing regulations.
  • Experience in recruitment and training employees
  • Ability to motivate, constructively criticize and build morale among middle management and line workers.
  • Excellent judgment.
  • Knowledge of Quality Management Plan (QMP) and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) requirements.

  • $70,000 to $120,000/year
  • Salary and benefits will be determined by accreditation and experience.

Additional Requirements:
  • This position is a position of trust, and a criminal history check will be required to be considered for the position.

About Tu’ Cho’ Fishers Corporative Limited:

Tu Cho Co-operative Ltd. is incorporated of 13 fishers who are all equal partners is a Co-op which is currently managed by a 5-person board. The mission of the Co-operative is to own and operated a viable fish processing enterprise that utilities high quality freshwater fish from northern lakes to famer maximin return to the co- operative’s fisher members.Currently the Tu Cho Co-operative is working with the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) to develop a marketing plan which will layout future market strategies to ensure goals are maximizing the value for northern fish and maximize value for Great Slave Lake (GSL) fishers.A new Canada Food Inspection Agency certified fish plant is under construction in Hay River, NWT, and is expected to be completed in fall 2022. While waiting for the fish plant to be completed the General Manager will be responsible for preparing staffing, arranging training, developing sales networks and working with the Tu’Cho Board of Directors for the ongoing operation of the existing fish plant as an agent for Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation (FFMC).The Hay River Fish Plant is the beginning of the revitalization of Great Slave Lake Fisheries, so general manager would be involved in a lot of diverse initiatives to ensure the revitalization is successful.