New job Socio-Economic Development Manager in Yukon

Socio-Economic Development Manager

Company : Parsons
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Yukon

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Minimum Clearance Required to Start:

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Job Description:

Socio-economic Development Manager

Your enthusiasm for collaborating makes you a vital team leader

Collaboration can stimulate your best thinking and sparks the best in everyone you manage. You’re open to different perspectives and helping to synthesize them into solid solutions. We value managers with your ability to work with people with different points of view to reach solutions that everybody understands and respects. You will be a boon to our workplace.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assists MCM team with developing and refining Socio-Economic Strategy

  • Responsible for facilitating, promoting and ensuring community (i.e. Indigenous, Northern and Local) and economic development in order to secure opportunities for Indigenous, Northern and Local people and business in order to increase employment and skills.

  • Responsible for developing and overseeing implementation of the Indigenous Benefits Plan

  • Regular reporting on the progress of the ABP implementation

  • Manages and coordinates the completion of Labour Capacity Studies, including liaising with aboriginal communities

  • Develop Economic profiles of the Region and the Community via Capacity Assessment

  • Collaborates with the MCM’s SPMs and Project Team in determining -work packages and adjusting AOC criteria that best aligns with labour capacity at the time of tender

  • Collaborates with the Faro Engagement Group and Canada’s Aboriginal Business Advisory Panel to provide outreach to aboriginal communities in the project area to discuss work and training opportunities

Welcoming different perspectives, like yours, is one of our strongest attributes

We’re a community of individuals with different points of view who enjoy opportunities to share our skills and ideas. As a manager, we know that you’ll genuinely value people who will articulate their perspectives while respecting those of others. We value diversity, so here in our inclusive environment, you and your team will find no limits to professional growth. We will welcome you into the stimulating process of exchanging ideas and leading others to succeed by doing the same.

  • 4-year degree or Master’s in social sciences, sociology, social work, community development, business, public administration, urban planning, or city planning.

  • >8 years of proven experience in the socio-economic development including engaging the local communities in the context to the implementation of projects within the communities.

  • >4 years of experience working in Northern Canada with demonstrated experience in engaging and maximizing opportunities for the indigenous communities in these regions.

  • Excellent people/public relations, communication and mediation/negotiation skills; adept at conflict management and resolution.

  • Ability to network with communities, economic development professionals and a wide variety of other organizations (well beyond the scope of the local community).

  • Ability to work effectively with community leaders, diverse community groups and all levels of government

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