New job Protective Service Specialist in Northwest Territories

Protective Service Specialist

Company : Town of Hay River
Salary : $32.75 - $43.22 an hour
Location : Northwest Territories

Full Description

Under the direction of the Director of Protective Services, the incumbent is responsible for enforcing compliance with the Town of Hay River Bylaws and responding to emergency incidents as an active member of the Hay River Fire Department. The duties for this position include a combination of administrative work and time spent in the field keeping operations running efficiently in bylaw enforcement and fire and emergency medical services (EMS).
As the bylaw compliance enforcer, this position will play a vital role in the community concerning enforcing municipal bylaws and select Territorial Acts. This position has a dynamic set of responsibilities including responding to public complaints, patrolling, enforcing parking restrictions, inspecting properties, controlling animals, enforcing the Traffic Safety Act, The All-Terrain Vehicle Act, the Dog Act as well as investigating other bylaw offenses.
As the Protective Service Specialist, this position will be expected to respond to emergencies, following department policies and procedures. The incumbent will assist the Director of Protective Services in setting goals for the department, establishing policies and procedures, preparing the budget, periodically reviewing equipment for safety and purchasing new equipment as needed. The job has a defined public presence, and speaking at schools, community events, press events, and other meetings is often expected.

Job Duties:

Bylaw Enforcement Core Duties:
  • Promotes safety and community bylaw awareness through the development and implementation of safety programs and public education programs.
  • Enforces municipal bylaws through attendance on-site, positively engaging with the public, delivering notices, as well as preparing correspondence, file notes, and reports:
    • Conduct regular patrols and perform day to day enforcement activities
    • Perform court-related activities
    • Enforce speed limits and other vehicle regulations
    • Enforce Territorial Acts including the Motor Vehicle Act, All-Terrain Vehicle Act, and Dog Act
    • Animal Control functions
    • Conduct investigations
    • Respond to resident complaints and concerns
    • Maintain public relations and liaison concerning bylaw awareness and enforcement
    • Maintain crowd control as required
  • Provides operational and administrative support to the Protective Services and Bylaw functions:
    • Conduct investigations
    • Ensure evidence is gathered in an appropriate and legal manner
    • Follow search and seizure procedures
    • Properly store evidence
    • Maintain detailed records of incidences
    • Prepare reports for presentation to the court
    • Present evidence and give testimony in court
    • Follow up on court responsibilities
    • Maintain records of bylaw infractions, permits, etc.
    • Prepare reports on all areas of Bylaw
    • Monitor the Bylaw budget
Protective Service Specialist Core Duties:
  • Respond to emergency incidents as an active member of the Hay River Fire Department.
  • Responds as a medical attendant on emergency medical calls as part of the Hay River Ambulance service.
  • Assists in the development, implementation, and maintenance of the Town’s Emergency Program and Plan following regulations outlined in territorial and local government legislation.
  • Responds to emergencies and natural disasters in accordance with the Emergency Management Plan.
  • Provides recommendations on policies/procedures and programs to the Director of Protective Services on matters affecting emergency services and implements those that are approved.
  • Provides input into the annual and five year operating and capital budgets for the Protective Services Department.
  • Provides support services and coordinates the activities of the Hay River Emergency Management Program Executive Committee.
  • Assists in the development and delivery of a variety of Emergency Management training, including emergency exercises.
  • Provide public awareness and education on the Emergency Management Program and Plan.
  • Performs other duties as assigned
Bylaw Enforcement:
  • Foremost in the qualifications of a person enforcing bylaws is to achieve a level of bylaw knowledge that supports an environment of consistent enforcement and the ability to clearly and calmly communicate bylaws to achieve voluntary compliance in most situations.
Public Safety and Security:
  • Foremost in the qualifications of a Protective Service Specialist is experience and understanding of public safety and security as it relates to emergency services. A Protective Service Specialist must have a thorough background in the practices, principles and terminology related to public safety and security, and must be able to communicate these effectively. They must be knowledgeable and experienced in emergency management systems and protocols, and in public safety programs.
Firefight Practices:
  • Second to public safety and security, a Protective Service Specialist must have a thorough understanding of fire prevention practices, firefighting techniques, rescue systems and fire suppression and attack methods. They must understand and have experience in municipal firefighting and hazardous materials handling.
Fire and Ambulance Vehicles and Equipment:
  • A Protective Service Specialist must be qualified to work with all fire and ambulance vehicles and equipment. They must understand fire and ambulance apparatus design, construction and use. Understanding local and Canadian vehicle codes as they relate to firefighting operations. He/she must be knowledgeable of safety factors involved with fire vehicles, equipment and standard vehicles.

Leadership and Management:
  • Most Protective Service Specialists must have served in a position of management, such as the role of a fire officer (lieutenant or above). Qualifications for leadership include an understanding of modern employee management principles and practices, motivation, and conflict resolution techniques
The following knowledge and skills are required for an individual to be able to perform the duties of this position:
  • Knowledge of firefighting techniques and methods
  • Knowledge of firefighting training programs
  • Knowledge of firefighting public education and awareness programs concerning protective services.
  • Knowledge of public education and awareness programs concerning protective services.
  • Knowledge of public safety theories and methods.
  • Knowledge of emergency response techniques.
  • Knowledge of crowd control techniques.
  • Working knowledge of the Microsoft Suite of applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.
  • An understanding of the northern cultural and political environment.
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures, First Aid and CPR.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Decision-making skills.
The Protective Service Specialist would normally attain the required knowledge, skills and attitudes through completion of a Bylaw Enforcement related certification and or Fire and Emergency Services training and experience. Equivalencies will be considered.
Education & Training
  • High School Diploma
  • Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) or other relevant medical certifications
  • Municipal Government experience.
  • Exceptional verbal and written skills including public speaking.
  • Exceptional leadership, problem solving, decision making and negotiation skills.
  • Ability to work within the Microsoft Suite applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.
  • Able to deal with physical situations and physically control others when necessary.
  • Be respectful, flexible, consistent and fair.
  • Demonstrate sound work ethics, high standards of conduct and cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Possess a valid Class 5 Drivers License with the ability to obtain a Class 3 with air endorsement.
  • Provide a satisfactory driver abstract and criminal records check.

Physical Demands:
The Protective Service Specialist may be involved in physically draining and exhausting activities which may include taking command of a fire scene, participating in emergency response situations and being involved in physically dangerous situations. The Protective Service Specialist will have to carry heavy firefighting equipment while climbing ladders and going through buildings. The Protective Services Specialist will regularly be exposed to water in extreme weather conditions and deal with resulting ice buildup in winter months.
Environmental Conditions:
The Protective Service Specialist will be exposed to noxious smoke and fumes because of fire. The Protective Service Specialist will have to manage many people and projects at one time and may be interrupted frequently to meet the needs and requests of residents. The Protective Service Specialist will be exposed to environments that are dangerous, busy, noisy and will need excellent organizational and time and stress management skills to complete the required tasks.
Sensory Demands:
The Protective Service Specialist will be exposed to smoke and fire that will adversely affect the sense including smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight. The Protective Service Specialist will require extreme level of concentration during a firefighting situation.
Mental Demands:
  • Mental and emotional stress may be caused by the requirement to enforce municipal bylaws and fight fires.
  • Stress may also be caused by the need to respond to physically threatening situations and individuals, the need to be actively involved in crisis coordination, emergencies and search and rescue activities.

Position Security:
Position of Trust – criminal records check required

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