New job Manager, International Recruitment, Okanagan Campus in British Columbia

Manager, International Recruitment, Okanagan Campus

Company : University of British Columbia
Salary : $7,278 - $11,372 a month
Location : British Columbia

Full Description

Staff - Non Union

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Job Profile

AAPS Salaried - Student Management, Level D

Job Title

Manager, International Recruitment, Okanagan Campus


UBCO | Leadership | Okanagan | International Student Initiative

Compensation Range

$7,278.33 - $11,372.33 CAD Monthly

Posting End Date

August 19, 2021

Note: Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM on the day prior to the Posting End Date above.

Job End Date

Oct 14, 2022

Summary of Position

The role of Manager, International Recruitment for the Okanagan campus is critical to the sustained growth in international undergraduate enrolments for the Okanagan campus. The Manager, International Recruitment leads the implementation of the team’s annual cycle of recruitment activities and advising services carried out on campus and across ISI’s recruitment regions to meet the Faculties’ international enrolment targets as they relate to the Okanagan campus. The Manager initiates and cultivates long-term relationships with key feeder schools and organizations to benefit the Okanagan campus, identifies new opportunities for recruitment, and initiates contact with new schools and potential new sources of qualified prospective students, for both direct entry and the emerging pathways programs. The Manager assesses strengths and weaknesses of existing recruitment operations and recommends changes in the recruiting program or processes that will maximize yield and expand UBC’s presence. The Manager works synergistically with the regional recruitment teams for Asia and Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Africa, to ensure overall coordinated approaches to student recruitment serving both campuses. Provides operational leadership to a diverse, inclusive and high performance, results-oriented recruitment team.

Organizational Status

The Manager, International Recruitment reports to the Director of the International Student Initiative, Okanagan campus and serves as a member of the ISI’s Extended Leadership Team. The Manager is a key participant in implementing the ISI’s strategy to fulfill the unit’s mandate to increase and sustain the number and diversity of international students across the system, in particular at UBC Okanagan.

In this capacity:
  • The Manager provides direction to the recruiters assigned to the Okanagan team, and supports the contractors working on behalf of the ISI and UBC in posts abroad with regards to recruitment for the Okanagan campus.
  • The Manager initiates contacts and builds relationships with key schools and counselors and other strategic partners for the Okanagan campus as assigned.
  • The Manager represents the ISI, Okanagan campus on cross-unit committees and working groups. The Manager works closely with other ISI teams, particularly the two regional recruitment teams, to establish a coordinated approach to recruitment efforts while pursuing Okanagan campus specific marketing and recruitment initiatives.
  • The Manager works closely with the Strategic Partnerships portfolio within the ISI to pursue alternate recruitment opportunities for the Okanagan campus through third-party agents, government sponsored student programs and post-secondary partnerships.
  • The Manager regularly interacts with UBC’s Admissions officers evaluating students to the Okanagan campus for admission, as well as with other members of Enrolment Services to ensure they understand the particular needs and concerns of the students applying to the Okanagan campus.
  • The Manager works with the academic advisors in the Faculties and AVP, Students portfolio and individual faculty members to operationalize their participation in selected recruitment and yield activities in the region. Also liaises with international student advisors in International Programs and Services (IPS), Student Housing and Hospitality Services and other units to ensure cross-unit efforts are synchronized to support the smooth transition of newly admitted ISI students to the Okanagan campus.

Work Performed

1. Management of ISI Okanagan Team’s international recruiting/advising operations and identification of new business opportunities for the campus

a. The Manager, International Recruitment for the Okanagan campus, works closely with the Director in developing the strategic plan for recruitment for the Okanagan campus. Given their in-depth knowledge of the campus, the Manager identifies new opportunities for expanding recruitment and new sources of qualified students who would be admissible to UBC and in particular, the Okanagan campus.
b. The Manager works closely with both regional recruitment teams to ensure coordination and collaboration on recruitment initiatives overall and for the Okanagan campus in particular.

The Manager is key to the successful implementation of the ISI Okanagan team’s recruitment plan, providing operational oversight for the wide range of recruitment activities taking place across recruitment regions, e-recruitment and on campus, ensuring priority markets are addressed in accordance with the strategic plan, cultivating cross-team consistency and coherence in the initiating, planning and implementation of activities, monitoring for effectiveness, analyzing for achievement of results, and reporting to the Director on the same.

c. Applying their knowledge of the competition from other post-secondary institutions, the Manager recommends strategies and tactics that would sustain UBC Okanagan’s competitive advantage.
d. Drawing on his/her in-depth knowledge of the secondary schools systems in various countries, the Manager identifies UBC policies and processes that impact the successful admission of students from those regions to the University and the Okanagan campus, making recommendations to the Director for changes to ensure UBC is able to attract the best qualified students.
e. The Manager also applies expertise in post-secondary systems and recommends which institutions would provide the best opportunities for new streams of college/university transfer students to UBC Okanagan.

f. Develops new and more effective business processes to support effective planning and implementation of the ISI Okanagan Team’s recruitment and advising services, working proficiently with on-line collaborative planning tools such as wikis and the client relationship management systems to ensure cross-team collaboration for event and project management, management of leads, and general information sharing and records management. Drawing on their extensive experience recruiting, the Manager anticipates the nature of the logistical issues that need to be addressed in order for the team to successfully deliver a cost-effective recruitment program. International recruitment takes place against constantly changing external conditions, whether economic or political. The Manager troubleshoots problems that arise in the course of the annual recruitment cycle and initiates resolutions, consulting with the Director on the more complex situations.
g. Makes decisions about whether a planned trip or other initiative should be cancelled or scaled back given the nature of the difficulties likely to be encountered, and recommends alternate ways or timing of trip to reach prospective students.

As a senior member of the ISI recruiting team, the Manager will be expected to fulfill their share of international recruitment and advising responsibilities in the field. However, there will be some constraints as more time will need to be spent on HR management and administrative duties to provide overall coordination of the multiple activities during the annual recruitment cycle. The Manager will serve as Acting Director when the Director, International Student Initiative is away, to ensure continuity of leadership for the team.

2. Guides and supervises a high-performance, results-oriented, diverse and inclusive international recruitment team.

a. Models commitment, a valuing of diversity, a pursuit of inclusivity, respect for others and the work for the team;
b. Enables the team to carry out recruitment, advising and yield activities in an exceedingly professional and ambassadorial manner;
c. Ensures the team utilizes ISI’s recruitment tools, including the Client Relationship Management system, to effectively engage prospective students in the region;
d. Contributes to a culture that supports innovation, and that identifies new programs and initiatives that will move the Okanagan Campus forward towards achieving its enrolment and revenue goals;
e. Nurtures a team culture that supports integration and collaboration across all of ISI’s functional teams;
f. Nurtures a team environment that celebrates diversity, places a high value on inclusivity, builds on strengths found in differences and seeks to encourage growth in all members of the team.
g. As a senior member of the ISI Okanagan recruiting team, the Manager provides operational guidance to the Okanagan recruiters assigned to the portfolio. Managing consists of hiring, training, mentoring, and reviewing the performance of the recruiting team assigned.
h. The Manager ensures assigned recruiters adhere to best practice in international student advising, counselor relationship development, trip preparation, follow-up and other post-trip procedures. Identifies new procedures or processes that are needed to improve performance and overall productivity of the team, and carries out implementation. Monitors recruiter work-load or scheduling conflicts in terms of trip assignments and works effectively with the team to balance work and set priorities.
i. Liaises closely with ISI contract recruiter/advisors stationed overseas in the ISI basecamps in all regions, maintaining frequent communication with these in-country advisors through email, Skype, and other means to support their efforts on behalf of the Okanagan campus. Works closely with regional teams to develop training and orientation for these individuals to ensure they are knowledgeable about UBC’s two campuses, academic programs, admission requirements, fees and application processes and procedures. Coordinates training trips to the Okanagan and also provides in-country training and conducts site visits to monitor and assess effectiveness of the basecamp operations as assigned.
j. Ensures staff adhere to UBC’s travel policies and proactively assesses risks and ensures staff follow procedures governing safety and welfare for themselves and other UBC faculty/staff who may participate in trips organized by ISI’s Okanagan team

3. Actively pursues integration and collaboration with other ISI functional units in order to jointly achieve the unit’s mandate:
a. Works collaboratively and closely with the Managers, in other regional teams in order to ensure regional recruitment activities are carried out in a cohesive and integrated manner;
b. Partners with the ISI’s other recruiting teams, which focus on e-recruitment, on-campus recruitment, strategic partnerships, and awards-based recruitment in order to ensure Okanagan recruitment efforts are complimentary to other recruitment efforts;
c. Engages effectively with the ISI’s Recruitment Marketing and Prospective Student Engagement team, ensuring the information flow between the Okanagan and marketing experts is continuous and serves the overall mandate of the unit.

4. Research and assessment

a. The Manager analyzes applications, admissions and registrations of students to the Okanagan campus, and prepares reports for the Director on trends observed, proposing new initiatives or opportunities to pursue, and identifying means of achieving optimum results from recruitment for the Okanagan Campus.
b. Identifies opportunities for new business partners, government sponsors, and identifies new target markets/market segments with recommendations on how they might be further developed.
c. Gathers feedback from recruiters and reviews evaluations of yield and recruitment activities solicited from clients, and recommends new approaches to the Director that would result in more effective results.
d. Initiates and implements focus group sessions with UBC students on the Okanagan campus, to solicit their views on what more UBC could do to encourage more students to choose UBC’s Okanagan campus for their post-secondary plans, proposes any changes that need to be made and then leads the implementation of those changes across the team and with the regional recruitment teams.
e. Works with the Director in drafting the team’s annual report on recruitment, gathers data on numbers of trips carried out, schools visited, students and counselors met, etc. Conducts analysis to determine costs per recruited student, and makes recommendations to the Director on what activities could be safely cut back and which should be further developed or would achieve better results if more resources were applied.

5. Budgetary responsibilities

a. The Manager works closely with the Director in developing the overall budget for recruitment for the Okanagan Campus, and subsequently works within that budget to carry out activities in the region.
b. Exercises discretion and sound judgment in authorizing expenditures for travel, accommodation and other recruiting expenses, and analyzes costs in relation to expected outcomes.
c. Reconciles the monthly ledgers, and works with the ISI’s Admin team to ensure expense claims are submitted in a timely manner.

6. Develops partnerships

a. As a senior member of the recruiting team for the Okanagan campus, builds relationships with key schools and counselors and identifies other strategic partners and cultivates and sustains their relationship with UBC.
b. Works with alumni from the Okanagan campus to engage their support and participation in selected recruitment and yield activities worldwide.

7. Other

Serves as Acting Director, International Student Initiative, when the Director is away.

Consequences of Error

This position is critical to fulfilling the International Student Initiative’s mandate to recruit an increased number of international students for the Okanagan campus in order to achieve faculty enrolment targets and the international tuition revenue goals of the University. The Manager is expected to identify and cultivate new schools to partner with, and new sources of qualified students. Failure to identify opportunities could lead to diminishing returns for the Okanagan campus over the long-term, and could damage UBC’s competitive advantage.

The position is key to sustaining quality assurance for activities carried out by the ISI teams in all regions. The Manager’s ability to monitor and assess performance, outcomes, results and to act on feedback from clients and recruiters in the field is critical to the ISI Okanagan Team’s effectiveness in supporting ISI’s mandate and achievement of the University’s long-term enrolment and international tuition revenue goals. The incumbent must draw on extensive recruiting experience and knowledge in order to coordinate the myriad of logistical aspects of a complex number of recruiting activities occurring simultaneously across the many recruitment regions. Failure to exercise sound judgment, to anticipate and prevent problems before they emerge, inattention to mission-critical details could lead to cost increases, lost opportunities, put recruiters at risk, and ultimately limit the ISI’s ability to achieve expected enrolment growth.

The position requires superb human resource skills and proven abilities to manage, motivate, mentor and encourage growth and professional development of team-mates. Ultimately, poor decisions or judgment, inattention to human resource needs, or inability to manage projects and people within the demanding and changing international sphere will have detrimental effects both in the short term and the longer term on the University’s enrolment goals, on its relationships with key partners abroad, and would in the end diminish the international community’s confidence in and regard for UBC.

Supervision Received
Reports to the Director, ISI, Okanagan campus on a strategic basis, but works autonomously to operationalize team objectives. Works collaboratively with ISI’s regional and other recruitment teams to ensure recruitment synergies and to develop Okanagan campus specific initiatives.

Supervision Given

Manages a team of international recruiter/advisors as assigned. Management consists of hiring, training, mentoring, and reviewing performance.

Minimum Qualifications
Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Minimum of five to six years of related experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline; a minimum of five to six years of directly related experience in the field of international education, or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Directly related experience working within a large public post-secondary institution will be a definite asset

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of what it takes to recruit international students to a top tier public institution in Canada.

  • An understanding of and experience developing operational systems and processes to support logistically complex projects carried out in an international context

  • Strong networking abilities and experience developing and cultivating relationships with organizations and individuals

  • Ability to execute a strategic plan, and to assess and analyze achievement of results

  • Superior written and oral communication skills and demonstrated ability to present effectively to groups large and small

  • Ability to motivate, lead and effectively manage team-mates.

  • Ability to analyze and interpret data to support recommendations for change; ability to move from ideas to implementation

  • Ability to develop and maintain cooperative and productive working relationships with peers and subordinates, and to work effectively as a senior member of a high performance, results-oriented team

  • Ability to exercise sound judgment; a creative and resourceful problem solver

  • Ability to prioritize and work effectively within tight timelines and competing priorities

  • Ability to multi-task and pay attention to details that are key to the success or failure of a venture/project

  • Proficient with MS Office Applications and use of various management information systems; experience working with UBC’s Student Information System, and proficiency in use of UBC’s CRM system (Salesforce) would be a definite asset

  • Demonstrated cross-cultural communication skills required; fluency in one or more languages besides English would be an asset.

  • Preference given to Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada

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