New job Customer Service Technician 1 in British Columbia

Customer Service Technician 1

Company : FortisBC
Salary : $42.80 an hour
Location : British Columbia

Full Description

Branch: Gas
Affiliation: IBEW
Employment Status: Full-Time Regular
Salary Min: $42.80 Hourly

We’re looking for new talent to join us as we reinvent the future of energy. Across BC, we have a diverse team of more than 2,500 employees we can’t do without, yet we’re growing as fast as ever.

You may think we’re your standard utility that delivers natural gas and electricity, but we’re also into cool, innovative energy solutions. Think carbon capture, renewable energies and lower-carbon transportation for a start. We believe in creating a cleaner, healthier tomorrow.

If you like meaningful work, a dynamic environment and forward-thinking colleagues, build your career with us. You’ll get opportunities to grow, lead, solve, and create. So what are you waiting for? Let’s rethink energy together. Responsibilities
Must be competent in a variety of skilled functions related to public safety, consumer relations and the welfare of Company property.
This shall include troubleshooting to a wide range of gas burning equipment and associated control media as required to identify safety issues and to make safe the appliance.
Must exercise good judgment, under general terms of reference, in carrying out remedial action and/or suspending service with proper follow-up action under codes and other requirements.
Must construct, test and certify piping installations, metering and gas pressure regulating equipment on the Company's behalf to strict standards and governmental codes.
Must carry out follow-up maintenance programs. This shall include service to gas burning equipment and associated control media.
A Customer Service Technician shall be required to provide repair and adjustment service to all equipment indigenous to the residential and commercial field to the maximum input allowed under the Grade B or lesser certificate/license they hold as authorized by the BC Safety Authority to any customer’s equipment with a flame guard safety such as thermocouple, thermobulb or bimetal element.
Shall install and field-maintain gas measurement and pressure regulation equipment including perform PFM and other work up to and including all meter sets that utilize a single run configuration, with or without a bypass (excluding instrument and turbine meter sets).
Shall carry out a variety of tests related to gas utilization involving the testing for and measurement of O2, CO, CO2 and other products of combustion and take such remedial action as is indicated;
Shall investigate, locate and categorize gas leakage on an emergency basis on either the consumers' premises or the Company's system and take all necessary action to protect the public and eliminate hazard.
Shall carry out a variety of other duties as required to assist other operational areas such as system pressure surveys, field work for Gas Supply Department and carry out surveys. Assist a System Operations Technician.
Shall carry out surveys, installations and maintenance of all components of distribution system and gas burning equipment at company locations involved in the distribution of natural and other gases.
Shall handle emergency incidents such as fires, explosions, asphyxiations, unplanned outages and in so doing, take certain initiatives and also cooperate with fire, police and other authorities and other Company groups.
Shall be responsible for the operation of portable LNG vaporization equipment including: purging operations, liquid transfer, putting on and off line in a safe and efficient manner and for the overhaul of all mechanical components on such equipment.
Shall install house-lines, recesses, relief stacks, or vent lines for any volume or delivery pressure except that actual turn-on may be done by a System Operations Technician when the limits of this job description are exceeded.
They will be expected to operate a variety of tools and equipment associated with the delivery of the above.
In regard to consumer relations, shall offer current and potential customers technical and promotional advice on such matters as space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, and the general heating and insulation requirements of their residence. They shall be conversant with the relative advantages of natural gas for these uses. Requirements
The Customer Service Technician 1 must have a valid Provincial Grade B Gas Fitter's license and one year's field experience in the Customer Service Technician 2 classification.
Must be a holder of a current Provincial Class B Gas Fitter's License.
Demonstrated safe work habits and adherence to safety regulations.
Demonstrated planning and organizing skills.
Demonstrated written and oral communication skills, ability to absorb, follow and retain verbal and written instructions.
Demonstrated proficient computer skills.
Demonstrated knowledge of theory and operation of material and equipment relating to gas distribution work.
Demonstrated proficiency in the use of tools, equipment and instruments.
Demonstrated ability to exercise judgment, act on own initiative and work independently maintaining a high level and quality of performance.
Demonstrated or display in evaluation tests, the ability to plan and direct the work of others in a safe, efficient, expeditious manner and the ability to provide technical training and work leadership.
Ability to meet the public as a representative of FortisBC.
Ability to prepare summaries, reports and complete work orders, etc., quickly and accurately.
A valid class 5 driver’s license
General good health, and adequate physical strength, agility and dexterity.
A valid company OA welding ticket or be capable of obtaining same through normal internal training.
Our engaging workplace offers a wide range of challenging opportunities, while being safe, inclusive and diverse. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, while supporting life-long career development. We also encourage volunteerism and nourish the need to give back to your community.

The safety of our customers and FortisBC family members is our number one priority. Depending on the responsibilities of the job, some employees work remotely and some in office. To ensure the safety of our employees on our job sites, there is strict adherence to our worksite safety plans and social distancing practices. As an essential service provider, we’ll continue to follow the government COVID-19 guidelines and adjust our plans as necessary. As we welcome new employees, our commitment to safety remains for all of our FortisBC family.

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