New Job Office Agent In Quebec

Office Agent
Office Agent

Office Agent

Company : City of Côte Saint-Luc
Salary : $42,361 a year
Location : Quebec

Full Description

The work consists of performing, in one or more areas such as budget, personnel, counter service, records, and other administrative and operational support activities, a variety of duties related to general office work. Work is performed under general supervision, following generally complete instructions and directions and according to methods, techniques and procedures generally well established or known to the incumbent; work is checked irregularly, and unusual or complex problems are referred to the supervisor.

Work hours: 35 hours/week

Key Responsibilities

1. Maintains schedules, registers, indexes, files, administrative charts, etc., prepares tables, lists, etc.; follows up on the timeliness of invoices, accounts, reports and other documents related to activities and exercises administrative and operational controls by these means.
2. Opens, assembles and maintains files; coordinates the flow of files and ensures that files to be processed contain the required documents and information.
3. Codes and indexes documents and other data using pre-established systems; cross-references information as necessary
4. Obtains documentation of activities; controls the flow of such documentation.
5. Compiles and transcribes data on a variety of subjects requiring adjustment, updating, grouping, selection and sorting, choice of presentation, etc.
6. Completes, verifies or certifies various forms, delivery notes, invoices, requisitions, time sheets, batches of cards, tool tickets, accident reports, examination books, tickets, notices and slips, attendance records; updates chattels, etc., and ensures compliance with vouchers, regulations or directives.
7. Prepares, using established data, proofs of claim, adjustment statements, notices, etc.
8. Issues certain permits, work cards, receipts, etc., and gives effect to certificates and other documents of a similar nature after verifying their compliance with the required requirements.
9. Communicates by telephone or at the counter with the public, municipal services and certain organizations, concerning information related to its activities; assists taxpayers and other applicants in their procedures; transmits notices, registers requests, informs on administrative procedures, municipal by-laws, the steps to follow, etc.
10. Performs and/or verifies, using established and accurate data, calculations of billings, estimated and escalated costs of work, labour and material costs, cost prices, interest, etc., balances various accounts and invoices.
11. Prepares and verifies routine correspondence and reports pertinent to activities.
12. Conducts or directs research for specific information from various sources to provide necessary information or complete records.
13. Compiles, summarizes and extracts data from documentation and draws conclusions regarding distribution, future use, corrections and annotations.
14. Collects and cashes, as needed, certain sums of money from the issuance of permits or certificates, the sale of various documents, etc., performs work related to petty cash.
15. Scores objective portions of qualifying examinations using answer keys and other appropriate instructions; supervises the conduct of examinations, provides candidates with appropriate information.
16. Performs a variety of duties related to the maintenance of an inventory of office equipment and supplies; considers the needs of users, prepares requisitions and arranges for their distribution when required.
17. Carries out the activities of his or her area of responsibility by operating, as needed, various office equipment such as typewriters, terminals, teletypewriters, microcomputers, radiotelephones, calculators, etc.
18. Guides and directs a few employees assigned to related tasks and checks the quality of work.
19. Uses, as needed, various office automation devices to perform certain job-related tasks, while using appropriate programming.
20. Performs any other related work.

Work is performed under general supervision following established guidelines and objectives. Work is evaluated based on results achieved.


High school diploma, appropriate curriculum and areas of study.
Must have 1 year of experience in a job that provides familiarity with the nature of the job.
Other: Bilingualism, spoken and written.
Excel, Word, Office, etc.
Typing (for positions requiring it)
Good knowledge of arithmetic, filing and record keeping methods

N.B. You may be required to submit to a written competency test.

The masculine gender is used indiscriminately and for the sole purpose of lightening the text. The City of Côte Saint-Luc thanks you for your interest. However, priority will be given to those candidates who best meet the overall profile.

Equal Employment Opportunity
The City of Côte Saint-Luc has an Equal Employment Opportunity Program and as such, we are committed to supporting inclusive diversity practices. We welcome applications from women, visible and ethnic minorities, Aboriginal people and persons with disabilities.
Please advise us of any disabilities that would require special accommodations should you be invited to an assessment process. Please be assured that we will treat this information as confidential.

Please note that the City is a recognized organization under the Charter of the French Language and can use both the official language and another language.

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