New job Electrical/Electronics Technician in Northwest Territories

Electrical/Electronics Technician

Company : Government of the Northwest Territories
Salary : $82,000 - $98,000 a year
Location : Northwest Territories

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Department Information

The Department of Infrastructure (INF) provides high quality services to the public and Government of the Northwest Territories’ (GNWT) departments, boards and agencies including the planning, design, construction, acquisition, operation and maintenance of public transportation infrastructure and the buildings, works and equipment required for the GNWT to deliver its programs and services. INF makes essential petroleum products available for sale to the public where these products are not provided by the private sector, and promotes the development and increased use of energy efficient technologies. INF also regulates electrical and mechanical safety services and licenses individuals and vehicles operating in the territory.

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Job Information


Located in Inuvik and reporting to the Inuvik Maintenance Coordinator, this position is responsible for performing electrical inspections, servicing and repairs on some 175 GNWT assets in 8 different regional communities and several other remote sites including Deep Water Lake and James Creek. This position completes and/or manages some 1300 work orders per year at an approximate value of $400,000.

The incumbent conducts electrical and electronics inspections and repairs on highly sensitive and critical systems in buildings throughout the region. Typically the inspections and much of the resulting work is governed by a variety of codes and legislation, including but not limited to the Electrical code, Canadian Building Code, NWT Fire Code and NWT Safety Legislation. Compliance with these codes and legislation is required for the continued operation of the buildings in question (typically Health Centres, a Hospital, Schools, government office buildings, water plants and petroleum product tank farms - many in isolated communities).

A challenge for this position is coordinating work assignments with those of other trades positions in order to see a project completed efficiently and effectively. Work is almost always performed with little or no supervision, and most often without the benefit of professional collaboration.


  • Knowledge of electrical systems, electronic components, boiler, HVAC and other heating and building control systems, the Canadian Electrical Code, CSA and UL codes and guidelines, the GBP and the NWT Safety Regulations, along with practical experience in order to recognize electrical hazards and complete all repairs and installations safely and in accordance with the electrical code.
  • Superior ability to communicate effectively with apprentices, other trades, contractors, suppliers, factory technical, designers, engineers and managers to ensure that installation, repairs and operational functionality are achieved efficiently and effectively.
  • Superior ability to communicate effectively with clients in order to coordinate equipment and facility downtime, arrange appropriate times for accessing buildings, and performing work and training on new equipment and systems such as security systems, etc.
  • Ability to train and mentor apprentices and other helper positions.
  • Ability to keep records in order to document work performed on assets and ensure an adequate supply of materials are on hand to complete work.
  • Ability to diagnose faulty equipment, troubleshoot and make repairs to ensure nominal.

Typically, the above qualifications would be attained by:

A certification as a Red Seal interprovincial Journeyperson Electrician; Minimum five (5) years of directly related experience in both electrical and electronics systems.

Additional Requirements

The incumbent must possess a Class 5 Driver's License.

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